Matamp MiniMat 2019 Metal Case


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This is from a very limited run of Minimats is available exclusively through The Guitar Den – the final run of the metal-housed MiniMat 5 watt heads. These heads are brand new from Matamp to The Guitar Den, authorised Matamp dealer. There are a few light surface scratches, hence the bargain price. 

The Minimat has been a hugely popular amplifier since its introduction in 2005, offering classic Matamp tone and dynamics in a low-wattage head. This Minimat kicks out 5 watts, with more clean headroom than any previous Minimat. This powerful 5 watts is enough to keep up with rehearsals, or even small gigs (or indeed big gigs where you want power amp overdrive and compression and can mic’ the amp…) – cranked it’s more like 12 watts. It’s absolutely ideal for recording. 


The built-in attenuator is a handy feature, allowing you to dial in the tone you like at any volume level down to 0.1 watts.

This MiniMat also features a voicing switch on rear that toggles negative feedback off with a preamp bright boost, which changes the feel from warmer and more compressed to raucous and rocky. This is an extremely versatile amp, easy to use, and with many sweet and inspiring tones inside.


The Perspex viewing panel shows the warm glow of the valve. It features a 6V6 output valve and EC883 preamp valve.


The Minimat is hand made in the U.K. using high quality transformers, circuit boards, plastics, and chassis all sourced from local suppliers in Derbyshire and Yorkshire.

Matching cabinets available with your choice of speakers. Fitted flight cases also available.