Matamp GT2


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The GT2mkII is a hand wired twin channel head with a clarity and dynamic range normally associated with single channel boutique amps. Featuring output power switching the GT2mkII is designed to deliver classic Matamp clean and organic overdrive tones in any gigging situation.

The GT2mkII is an incredibly dynamic hand wired twin channel head drawing on the organic tones of the GTO, GTL, LX and GT1.

Channel one features a similar circuit to the lower gain GTO mode of the GT1. With more clean headroom available this channel provides an excellent range of sounds up to the point of heavy crunch.

Channel two adds more drive plus an additional stage of gain controlled by the boost control. Together with the included foot switch you can switch between channels and engage the boost to access three distinct tones live.

Perhaps you sometimes need a 100w twin channel head, perhaps the venue doesn’t require the volume – no matter. The front panel features two input sockets, one engages all four output valves for 100w while the other switches the middle pair out of circuit. You also have the triode/pentode half power switch to reduce power to around 25w or 50w depending on input socket used.

Full independent EQ and voice switch on both channels allow a vast range of tones. Relay switching is fast and guarantees no degradation of your tone.

Heavy duty transformers made here in the UK deliver awesome low end punch, dynamics and definition. Individual bias adjusters for each valve and turret board construction is proven to be easily serviceable on the road.

Class A/B, triode/pentode mode.
Available in 50w or 100w nominal output.
Foot-switchable Channel select, Voice and Boost.
4 x EL34 at the output stage.
4 x ECC83 at the preamp stage.
Over-spec hand-wired transformer.
Hand-wired turret wiring.
Passive series FX loop.
4Ω, 8Ω or 16Ω output.