Bacchus & Seventy Seven

The Guitar Den is proud to offer Bacchus and Seventy Seven guitars, as well as the other Deviser brands Momose and Headway (on request).

For over 35 years, the Deviser company has been producing the finest guitars ever made in Japan.

From their Aska workshop, Deviser produces guitars under four brand names: Bacchus offers solid body guitars and basses; Seventy Seven offers hollow- and semi-hollow body guitars; Momose offers traditional designs; and Headway constitutes the acoustic guitar range.

Deviser has fine-tuned its expertise in electric guitar making, including everything from their careful seasoning of the finest select tone woods, to coating & finishing techniques.

Each hand crafted instrument is infused with incredible knowledge, experience, pride, care, and attention to detail to give you an unforgettable playing experience.

The Bacchus Handmade Series

Bacchus Handmade Series guitars are hand crafted by the most experienced Japanese luthiers at the Bacchus Aska workshop, located in Nagano, Japan. While most other guitar manufacturers use computerised factory-line production even on high end guitars in order to reduce costs and increase production, everything is done by hand at Bacchus. Every piece of wood has its own totally unique characteristics and only by working the wood by hand can an expert luthier create an instrument of the highest quality. The Bacchus Handmade Series guitars feel incredible and produce supreme sounds and inspiration that will last you a lifetime.

The Bacchus Craft Series

Bacchus Craft Series guitars are a response to the player’s demand for high quality hand made guitars at a lower price. Each guitar is entirely hand crafted, using only traditional tools and techniques, as with the Handmade Series. The only difference is that some more cost-effective materials are used – for example, 2-3 piece bodies as opposed to 1-2, and some own brand hardwear.

Momose and Headway Guitars

Momose and Headway guitars are also available for special order. Headway offers hand-crafted acoustic instruments, and Momose offers more traditional electric guitars, also hand crafted in Japan. Please get in touch to discuss these instruments.

Ordering Guitars

Because these instruments are made in small batches, certain models may not be readily available at any particular time. If there is a waiting list for the model you have chosen, we will get in touch to discuss it with you.

The entire Bacchus range is available through The Guitar Den, including the Bacchus Global Series, Momose, Headway, and custom orders. So if you are looking for a different model, please get in touch to discuss your selection or ordering.