Matamp GT200


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The Matamp Bass 200 or GT200 as we call it, available as Green Matamp or standard Matamp. Now in the mkII version this amp continues to deliver awesome levels of classic valve bass power.

Responding to player requests the GT200mkII features a mid cut control for an even wider range of tones, but the big improvement over the earlier version is the power supply.

A huge C-Core mains transformer, made in the UK exclusively for us, along with massive filter capacitors ensure the amp is always ready to deliver it’s sonic punch. The bass response extends further, ultimately only limited by your choice of cab. The improvement in dynamic range and transient response has to be felt to be appreciated.

The voice switch is essential to matching the preamp to whatever bass you use, and the amp is happy with either or active or passive circuits.

Transformer isolated DI out as standard and the amp can drive 4 or 8 ohm outputs. We use the excellent Gold Lion KT88 that has proved very reliable with great tone.

Available as standard black or custom Green (as pictured), or with optional two band EQ from the mk1, this amp is set to dominate your live sound.

Panel controls: Depth, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Presence, Master
Preamp Valves: 3 x JJ ECC83
Passive effects loop
Output Valves: 4 x KT88
Power: 200w
Proprietary UK made transformer
Fixed Bias – four individual bias trim points
4 & 8 ohm speakon outputs
Silicon diode rectification
Output Class: AB Push Pull