Matamp GT40


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The GT40 mkIII is a classic British voiced single channel head with boost. A valve rectified EL34 based amp capable of a surprising range of classic tones from a simple to use interface. This is the perfect amp for those searching for classic British tones in an easy to use hand wired format.

The GT40mkIII goes from warm clean with a hint of Series 2000 to full on classic rock tones. The EQ is a more conventional design than other Matamps so most players will feel instantly at home. The goal was to create a great amp that is quick and easy to dial in together with foot switchable boost perfect for studio and stage.

Custom UK made transformers help to delivery great dynamics and depth. Hand wired turret board construction for serviceability and longevity.

The compact head format makes the amp surprisingly portable and the modest 40w output from a pair of EL34 valves fed by a GZ34 valve rectifier is just right for most gigging guitarists.

Class A & A/B output stage operation.
30-50watt nominal output.
2 x EL34 at the output stage.
4 x ECC83 at the preamp stage.
1 x 5AU4 rectifier stage.
Switchable output stage operation – fixed or cathode bias.
Switchable rectification – valve or solid state.
Foot-switchable ‘Boost’ control.
Over-spec hand-wired transformers.
Hand-wired turret wiring.
Passive series FX loop.
4Ω, 8Ω or 16Ω output.
Dimensions: W 56cm, H 27cm, D 25cm. 21kg.

Matching cabinet to your specification available.