Filthy Amplification Pre 2


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Revolutionary foot-switchable Preamp designed to emulate the guitar preamps of old which provided a subtle but useful colouration of the tone whilst allowing the full characteristics of the instrument played through it to bloom. Each channel is controlled by volume pedal.

Channel 1:

Set to a low gain, with the treble up high, put the bass where you like it and you have chimey, clean tones. Start to turn up the gain and the preamp will begin clipping just about the same time as the power amp, giving you a really nice balance of preamp and power amp distortion. This preamp has a classic cathode follower which exhibits asymetric clipping, where only one side of the wave form distorts giving an overdive with more note definition. As you turn the treble down the output actually goes up as you let more mids through.

Channel 2:

Slightly cleaner but with more total gain to push the power amp even harder. This preamp is very simple but really lets the details through. The tone control cuts bass and adds treble as you turn it up, so for one knob it’s pretty versatile. The effects loop also lets you control preamp overdrive effectively allowing you to adjust between 3 different overdrives.