Filthy Amplification Organic Power


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This power amp is designed to keep up with any live band, giving you a good compressed power tube overdrive when needed, without overwhelming the band. It is designed for the guitarist who loves anything from tangy chicken pickin’ to sparkling chime and anything from sweet harmonic overdrive to throaty roars.

This amp will do almost any vintage tone, it really excels at reproducing that vintage sag that so many modern reproductions fail to do. The controls also provide you with a great amount of versatility.

With the treble on full and in dynamic mode, you have a very chimey organic sound that is crispy when overdriven. Send more signal into it and you have to dial back the treble, leaving you with a harmonically rich wild overdrive. Flick the dynamic off and everything tightens up and the clean sound becomes more spanky.

With the dynamic switch disengaged, you have use of the presence control, this makes the amp very 1959 bm, with all the associated tones. When engaged there is a subtle move towards a British version of the aforementioned.