EXCLUSIVE: Matamp GTH 100 Watt Limited Edition


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The Matamp GTH is available exclusively from official Matamp dealer The Guitar Den – you will not find it anywhere else.

The GTH is a hand made 100 watt valve amplifier, designed by The Matamp GTH is an exclusive to The Guitar Den – it is not available from anywhere else. And very privileged we are too, this is a killer amp.

The GTH is a hand made 100 watt valve amplifier, designed by Matamp with the classic Hiwatt sound in mind. All of those tones are available, with a massive amount of headroom. Equally, the master volume control allows you to dial in warm, tube over-driven tones at lower volumes.

While the GTH has some Hiwatt vibe, it’s not a clone. The GTH is similar in some respects to a DR103 in EQ and Preamp. Notably, it does not have the “voice” switch, but the normal and bright channels – and of course, it’s a really handy trick to patch the two channels together. You can actually get a lot more out of playing with that than the “voice” EQ settings that comes as standard on Matamps and Orange.

The power amp is pure Matamp, but it does have a lot of smoothing like a DR103. There is a lot of headroom, it’s a loud 100 watts; but with the master volume you can actually get really nice natural tube overdrive at lower volumes. Of course, it takes pedals superbly.

This is a really fantastic sounding amp. It’s sweet, rich, responsive, and has the classic mid range punch of the best Matamps.

The Matamp GTH features a Hiwatt style preamp, E.Q., and bright & normal inputs. The Matamp style 100w output section is powered by 4 EL34’s.

The front panel from left to right:
Normal Inputs 1 & 2
Bright Inputs 1 & 2
Normal Volume
Bright Volume

Around the back, there are 4, 8, and 16 ohm speaker outputs.

The head photographed has a blank front – you can keep it like this or specify the Matamp logo design you would like on the front. Matamp cabinets also available to match in 1×12, 2×12, or 4×12 straight or angled formats.